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Machine dispenses sanitary pads to customer

Sanitary Pad Dispenser vending machines are a crucial technology product that should become standard in all commercial and public settings. Our IoT-based, fully automatic sanitary pad dispenser allows women to get sanitary pads without interacting with a human. The sanitary pad dispenser is intended to assist women who are experiencing a menstrual emergency. The pads are dispensed via a spring mechanism in this machine. The spring is powered by a motor that is connected to it. It distributes the number of pads based on the customer's input. Our product can be tailored to meet the needs and desires of our customers. Clients can get these products at a lower costs while still getting high-quality service.

  • Immediate access of pads at any time, available for 24 hrs service.
  • No-touch Automatic delivery.
  • Seperate slots for different size and can avail multiple pads.
  • UI on a touchscreen.
  • Online payment through QR code scanner.
  • Battery backup, when power interrupts.
  • High quality performance.

saniatry pad images

Dispenses cigarettes to customer based on their requirement

A cigarette vending machine is a machine that dispenses multiple types and brands of cigarette packs based on the preferences of the client. With a capacity of 80 packs and 60 single cigarettes, this machine can distribute complete packs of cigarettes as well as a single cigarette placed in different slots. We provide a highly functional automatic cigarette vending machine that is well-known for its high performance and low maintenance requirements. With its appealing appearance, transparent glass window, and stainless steel body, our products have a smart design. The product uses a touch screen UI for easy and quick response. Clients can obtain these products at a cheaper cost while still receiving high-quality service.

  • Clear and easy touchscreen UI for product selection
  • Online payment through QR code scanner
  • Seperate slots for different brand packets and single cigarettes


The process of waste management & disposal possess high threat in bacteria, fungus & virus transmission, which must be effectively seen into!!!
The dustbin with UV light neutralize all the pathogens in it and make it safe to members in a house and to handle by the sanitation workers.

  • 99.9% sterilizing rate
  • The dustbin is programmed to turn ON and OFF the lights automatically.
  • If anyone opens the cap, UV light will automatically gets turned off. Again after closing, the light gets turned on and starts killing viruses present in it.
  • Our products can be placed in hospitals, offices, shops, apartments and households.

UV dustbin

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Sanitary pad vending machine

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Prasadam Vending Machine

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